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2A Japanese White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms

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The Natural Log White Flower Mushroom, also known as White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms ("White Flower Mushroom") , shares common origins with the Mushroom (Winter Mushroom or "Dong Gu"), is renowned for its premium quality and distinctive woody aroma. The unique patterns on the caps of the White Flower Mushroom are a result of the weather conditions during harvest. When these mushrooms are exposed to snowfall and subsequently recover in sunlight, the surface develops cracks, giving rise to these intricate patterns, hence the name "White Flower Mushroom".

Due to the stringent weather requirements for cultivating White Flower Mushrooms, they are considered particularly precious. The more pronounced the cracks or patterns on the mushroom caps, the higher the quality; the greater the prevalence of white patterns, the more crisp and delightful the texture. Hence, making them an ideal choice for gifting.

Historically, Japanese White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms were famous in the Hong Kong market, primarily sourced from the Kyushu region of Japan. Japanese specifications are renowned for their strict quality control, with mushroom farmers selecting high-quality mushroom species and wood, resulting in a smooth and rich mushroom flavor. The strict quality control and high labor and production costs in Japan led to premium pricing.

In recent years, Chinese White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms  have gained prominence in the Hong Kong market. These mushrooms are mainly cultivated in the northern regions of Guangdong Province and parts of Fujian. With recent advancements in cultivation techniques, mushroom species, and imported Japanese expertise, top-tier Chinese White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms is now rival their Japanese counterparts in quality.

The quality of White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms is categorized based on the natural pattern formation. The highest grade is known as 'Heavenly White Flower Mushrooms aka "Tian Bai Hua Gu",' followed by 'White Flower Mushrooms aka "Bai Hua Gu",' and finally 'Red Flower Mushrooms aka "Hong Hua Gu".'

The consumers has to be cautious with the fake White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms with the crack patterns created artifically with knives before harvesting. This can be distinguished by the distinct woody aroma that is emitted by the real White-Flower Shiitake Mushrooms which is difficult to replicate with artificial substitutes.


White Flower Mushroom is a type of fungus known for being high in protein, low in fat, rich in polysaccharides, various amino acids, and multiple vitamins. They are suitable for individuals with weakened immune systems and conditions like nervous exhaustion. These mushrooms have a fragrant taste and a neutral nature (neither "heaty" nor "cooling") . They have the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, reducing cholesterol levels, and slowing down the aging process


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